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Sensors fulfill the primary research function of OGM. The primary responsibility of a sensor is to grow our knowledge base. Consider them similar to market research analysts responsible for key subject areas. They scan the environment and the world, searching for new thoughts, ideas, and insights to bring into the system.


Owners of how OGM interfaces with the outside world. Their responsibilities include API’s, IP, access controls, cyber security, membership, etc.


Investors, leaders, and thought-provokers. To be a Fellow suggests a deeper level of partnership with OGM. These individuals (or organizations) grow and advance the fundamental mechanisms that support OGM. They help provide or procure funding for the pursuit of new projects and help guide thought leadership.

Makers (Builders)

The primary function of the “Makers”, or “Creators” is to create – or shepherd the creation of – tools and services.


The story-tellers of the group seek to make connections across multiple narratives, nodes, ideas, or strings of thought. They find creative ways to introduce these new stories to the global consciousness.


Users of OGM platform who may be makers, story threaders, protectors, or sensors in their own rights.


Members who support OGM in the form of grants, scholarships, sponsorships, time, etc.


Members who offer guidance or advice to OGM. Perhaps more of a steering committee.

Guild Members

Membership in a guild distinguishes those that can be leveraged for guidance, advice, or inventive solutions in a given discipline or practice from other participants. An all-encompassing role, Guild Members are master practitioners of OGM capabilities. They are builders of the product, solution designers, and engagement seekers. Think of Guild Members as SME’s. For example, a developer with extensive experience developing API’s might be a guild member of an API-related guild. Similarly, a story-threader may be a member of a related guild. Furthermore, guild membership is not mutually exclusive. That is to say, a story-threader can belong to a “Builder” guild or a “Story-Threader” guild.