Open Global Mind

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Sensemaking Together

  • Are you drowning in the info-flood?
  • Why is our collective memory so bad? Why are we so easy to spin?
  • Why are so many groups locked up in mortal combat over ideas?
  • Instead, how might we govern together, well?

Open Global Mind is a project to build communities and platforms that will help us make sense of the world -- together.

To join the OGM mailing list, fill out this form. We use the mailing list for announcements to OGM.

You can also join the chat service we use: CSC Mattermost. Mattermost is where we have day-to-day conversations, where we find interesting projects, and persistent text chat for our meetings.

We have an OGM Calendar, where you can see what conversations you can join, and when and where they are. There's also a directory of OGM People, and The View From the OGM Mast.

Introducing Open Global Mind.
Who might use OGM, and how?
How will we organize OGM?