Open Global Mind

Sensemaking Together

  • Are you drowning in the info-flood?
  • Why is our collective memory so bad? Why are we so easy to spin?
  • Why are so many groups locked up in mortal combat over ideas?
  • Instead, how might we govern together, well?

Open Global Mind is a project to build communities and platforms that will help us make sense of the world -- together.

To join the OGM mailing list, fill out this form. We use the mailing list for announcements to OGM.

You can also join the chat service we use: CSC Mattermost. Mattermost is where we have day-to-day conversations, where we find interesting projects, and persistent text chat for our meetings.

Or join our discussion forum here: OGM Forum. The forum is great for longer-term discussions.

We have an OGM Calendar, where you can see what conversations you can join, and when and where they are. There's also a directory of OGM People, and The View From the OGM Mast.

Introducing Open Global Mind.
Who might use OGM, and how?
How will we organize OGM?